About the Gameplay Bug Reports category

Please read the following guidelines before posting bug reports :

  1. Please use the appropriate sub-categories when posting your bug.
    It will help us a lot when bugs are sorted in the right way.
    Bugs that are not labeled properly may be deleted without prior notice.

  2. Feedback, complaints, requests are not bugs and do not belong to the Bug Report category.
    Please post them where they should be.

  3. Please search the forums and FAQ first to make sure your bug has not already been reported by another player.
    Having repeated post about the same bug will only delay the process of having them checked and fixed.

  4. Please make a separated topic for each bug you find.
    Also, having a clear and concise title explaining the bug will help us and other players in checking the bugs.

  5. Although we do read all your reports, we may not be able to respond to or fix every report that we receive.
    This does not mean your bug report is ignored.
    Your reports will help us a lot in improving PLV Online so please keep them coming.